Challenge FAQs

Q. What type of before and after photos are needed?
A. The 7 photos needed for both before and after are:
 1. Photo of face (front)
 2. Photo of face (left side)
 3. Photo of face (right side)
 4. Photo front of body
 5. Photo side of body (left side)
 6. Photo side of body (right side)
 7. Photo back of body
Both before and after photos must be conservative. We recommend gym attire. Use modesty please (no bathing suits allowed). Photos cannot be retouched.

Q. What is the Inside-Out Makeover Challenge?
A. It’s a fun and challenging way to achieve your health goals. Whether you are looking to lose weight, get in great shape, increase your strength and fitness levels, or get on the road to overcoming a health challenge, the Inside-Out Makeover Challenge has a solution for you.

Q. How do I get started?
Q. How do I qualify for prizes?
A. To be eligible to win, be sure to follow this check list:
  • To Enter
    - Purchase your IOMC Kit (Gold, Silver or Bronze)
    - Submit your before photos
  • At the end of the challenge
    - Submit your after photos
    - Submit your essay (Maximum of 1000 words)
    - Submit your shirt size
    *For Fitness & Strength contestants- submit required information.
All participants who complete the challenge will receive a prize.
IMPORTANT: To qualify for prizes, you must submit your essay within three (3) days of the close of the contest.

Q. What are the prizes for winning?
A, The winners of the Pilot Program, beginning January 7, 2012, will each receive $1000.

Q. Who can enter the Inside-Out Makeover Challenge?
A. Participants must be at least 18 years-old. 

Q. How long does the Inside-Out Makeover last?
A. There are 3 separate Inside-Out Makeover Challenges, each challenge is 12 weeks.

Q. What do you do with the information I submit?
A. Beyond Organic reserves the right to show your results/image in the promotion of the Inside-Out Makeover Challenge. 

Q. How many winners will there be?
A. During the pilot program 1 winner will be selected from each category. Therefore, 3 winners will be selected. 

Q. How are the winners selected?
A. The winners of the Challenge will be decided by a panel of 5 judges. None of the judges are Mission Marketers. 

Q. When will the prizes be awarded?
A. The winners of the Pilot Program will be announced April 8th, and we will payout the prizes on April 15th.

Q. I lost more weight than the winner. Why didn’t I win?
A. The winner will not be solely determined by weight loss. The judges will take into consideration the participants before and after photos, and their personal essay to make a final decision.

Q. Can I enter the Inside-Out Makeover Challenge more than once?
A. Yes, you can enter all 3 challenges.

Q. Is there information that can help me through my challenge?
A. Yes, please click on “Contestant Resources” to view the challenge manual that provides helpful tips to assist you in successfully completing the Inside-Out Makeover Challenge.

Q. How do I submit my essay and after photos?
A. At the end of the contest you will need to submit the following to
 1. Essay (Maximum of 1000 words)
 2. After Photos
 3. Shirt Size

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